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Starting a Business With a New Baby: Avoid These 4 Mistakes

Bringing home your new baby is the beginning of a new phase of your life, and so is starting a new business. How can you balance the two without overworking yourself? It is possible to build a business with a newborn as long as you avoid the following mistakes, brought to you today by Bellies and Babies.

Rigid with Routine

Giving yourself flexibility may give you peace of mind. Every baby has his or her own internal clock. Early on, you have to abide by your baby's schedule. However, this does not mean that you cannot create structure from the beginning. Try to establish a routine with the times you feed your baby, soothe your baby, and put him or her down to sleep.

Dim the lights at night to indicate that it is time to settle down. Journal or log your baby’s feeding and sleeping time in a parenting app. If you log your baby’s daily and nightly schedule, you may see trends and can base your schedule off of his or her routine.

Running a business from home allows you to be more flexible with your schedule. Even if your baby’s schedule does not allow you to work the usual nine-to-five job, you have fewer restrictions than you would have in a typical office. Plan focus-intensive tasks around your baby’s nap times.

Against Extra Help

There will be days where your workload is heavier than normal. If work needs your attention, do not be afraid to hire outside help. Ask friends and family for tips on where to find a babysitter or download an app that caters to locating childcare workers.

If you have a business partner or employees, don’t be afraid to delegate work tasks to others. When more people work on tasks, you can finish more in a shorter amount of time. This lets you focus on childcare and your business without submitting to stress.

Lax with Business Planning

A solid business plan is a key to your company's success. Without a clear strategy, your business is less organized and as time goes on, it may be more and more difficult to balance the stress of a disorganized business and childcare. Know your company’s goals, your plans to reach said goals, and the places to find funding.

Experts suggest establishing a limited liability company. LLCs offer peace of mind because you are not personally liable for your company. They have more flexibility, less paperwork, and tax advantages compared to other formation options. Before forming an LLC, check your state’s particular laws. To avoid lawyer fees, hire a formation service. These services can take out a lot of the legwork.

Dismissive of Technology

Technology makes your life easier as a parent. Baby monitors allow you to watch your newborn from the next room. Other options can connect to the baby to monitor oxygen and heartbeat. Sound machines can be used to lull a baby into relaxation or sleep.

You can balance a new baby and a new business. The key is to plan, accept help, and use every tool available to you. Parenthood is a beautiful journey, and a new business may provide for your growing family’s future.

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