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Charities are US!!

Looks like we made it

Congratulations Del Ray, we’ve made it to November! We are now heading straight into the season of giving and thanks, but this year will be an extra struggle. For families in Arlandria, food insecurity and having enough clothes for growing children is more an issue than ever. Many of the people who live down the road have lost their jobs and have been affected directly by Covid-19. If you have the means and the ability, please consider donating your time, your extra goods, or a substantial monetary gift to a charity in this area. Remember, no act of kindness is too small.

The importance of supporting your local community

You may have heard of several charities, such as the Carpenter’s Shelter, who helped over 750 adults and children just last year with housing, care, and employment. Another is Casa Chirilagua, a Christian-based organization that seeks to directly support the wonderful community of Arlandria with after-school programming, family bonding, and leadership development. Bellies and Babies is looking to work now with both these fantastic organizations with clothing drives. Often, we dig into our closets this time of year to donate to those most in need; why not make an impact directly to those closest to you? We’re looking for mittens, gloves, scarves, hats, and coats!

How you can directly help and get involved

At Carpenter’s Shelter, there are three ways you can make an impact- donate, volunteer, or advocate. Monetary donations are the most welcome and help the shelter put those funds where they are needed most. Are you looking to help around the holidays and make someone else’s Thanksgiving or Christmas special? Give your time! Volunteers are back in-house to help; here is a list of guidelines one can look forward to after your volunteer application is accepted: 

If you are uncomfortable with volunteering in-person just yet, advocate! Share it likes it hot, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all ways you can get the word out to others. 

Casa Chirilagua is another excellent way you can directly impact families hit hardest during this pandemic. Remember, many of these incredible individuals cook your meals at local restaurants, work the cashier at the grocery store you love, and their kids go to MVCS as well. There are several options to help on the main page- you can volunteer, there are wishlists for kids and mentoring opportunities. Donating a welcome monetary contribution is, of course, always a great option.

At Bellies and Babies, we commend any help the great folks of this neighborhood do to help those in need in the DC area. Volunteering, donations of cash or goods, or just putting the word out does a magical thing to help families nearest to you sleep a little easier at night. So go digging through those closets, stitch up those well-loved gloves, and really, who needs all 30 of those lovingly knit hats your grandma made? 

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