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Living in the capital area means lots of social and/or work-related events. Being pregnant can make this a challenging dilemma for your ever-changing belly. In order to meet this need—and prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars on a dress that might be worn once—Bellies & Babies has a small selection of high-end designer dresses to rent at a fraction of the cost! Our rental dresses are perfect for cocktail and holiday parties, baby/bridal showers, weddings and formal events.

2 Day Rental


5 Day Rental

$65 - $85 (Pickup Wednesday and Return Tuesday)

Additional Days

$10 per day

How does it work?

Just stop in at Bellies & Babies and try on any of the special occasion dresses. Once you find the one you like, you can rent the dress on the spot or reserve the dress for the special day (limited reservations available). Payment is due at the time of the rental or reservation. Bellies & Babies will take care of the dry-cleaning and is included in the price of the rental. So you and your baby can just wear the dress and return it.

What if the dress gets damaged?

Dresses must be returned undamaged and on time. Any items returned with stains or other damage will be repaired if possible, or replaced, at the client’s expense.

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